Mixing Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement: Simple guide

mixing zinc oxide eugenol cement

This is an extremely simple guide to help you in the process of mixing zinc oxide eugenol cement the correct way and answer all the relative questions that may come to your mind p.s. I’m a dentist 🙂

Materials you need

Make sure you have the following:

1- Zinc oxide powder.

2- Eugenol liquid.

3- Mixing Spatula.

4- Glass slap (preferably) or a paper.

Zinc Oxide Eugenol Mixing Ratio

The mixing ratio for zinc oxide eugenol is crucial for achieving the desired consistency and properties.

Typically, the standard mixing ratio for zinc oxide eugenol is:

  • Powder (Zinc Oxide): Approximately 1 part.
  • Liquid (Eugenol): Approximately 1 part.

However, these proportions can vary depending on the specific product and the desired consistency. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Different brands may have slightly different recommended ratios, so it’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the specific ZOE product you’re using.
  2. Desired Consistency: For a thicker mix (like for a temporary filling), you might use more powder. For a thinner mix (like for a luting cement), you might use more liquid.
  3. Setting Time: The setting time of ZOE can be adjusted slightly by altering the ratio. More liquid will generally slow down the setting time, while more powder will speed it up.
  4. Temperature and Humidity: Environmental factors can also affect the mix. Higher temperatures and humidity can accelerate the setting time.


1- Measure the components according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2- Put the powder on the mixing glass slap, and make a hole in it (like a well).

3- Drop the eugenol liquid in the well, and mix thoroughly.

4- Continue mixing until you achieve a relatively thick consistency that can be manipulated at the same time (it shouldn’t be too flowable).

5- Apply the mixed cement in the dental crown/bridge you have, put it in its place and wait until it sets.

Note 1: you have to be quick, if you were too slow, the cement will get dry and lose its function.

Note 2: the setting time of Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement is usually around 4-14 minutes, stick to what’s mentioned in the manufacturer instructions.

How long should you spend mixing zinc oxide eugenol cement?

Again, this can vary according to the manufacturer, but usually we’re talking about 30 seconds of mixing until desired consistency is achieved.

Can you use it under composite?

Unfortunately, Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement cannot be used under composite resin restorations, because the Eugenol part inhibits the polymerization of composite

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